Happy New Year 2012!


On New Year's Eve, when I walked into my bedroom, I saw a big pile of presents underneath my New Year tree! I'm Russian, so my family celebrates the New Year instead of Christmas.  We still have a tree, but it's a New Year Tree instead of a Christmas tree.  We also have Ded Moroz (Father Frost) who is a lot like Santa.   I get to open my presents on New Year's Eve, so when I saw the pile under the tree, I got ready to open them all!


My first present was from my Grandma in Wisconsin. She always sends really nice presents, so I was excited that hers was the first present. What do you think is in the big box?


It was the Calico Critters Giant Panda family! They're so cute. You can't see all of them, but there's a Mama, Daddy, boy, girl, and twin babies. They're going to be friends with my red panda Calico Critters family. Thank you Grandma!


I like to stick the bows from my presents on my head. It makes things feel more festive!


The next present was from my moms. I tore off the paper and it was...


The Playmobil Stone Age family!! Awesome! Playmobil's newest theme is the Stone Age, but the family isn't coming out until June. My parents got them for me in a special sale. Thank you Mama and Mom!


Next came a package with snowflake paper. I shook it, but I couldn't hear any sounds. What could it be?


A Squishable!! So cool! I love Squishables. I got the best one too- the narwhal! Thanks Mama and Mom!!


My parents also gave me an autographed copy of Good Luck Ivy, by Lisa Yee. She wrote an inscription just for me! So cool.


My biggest present was an Ivy doll from Ded Moroz. I just read her book a few weeks ago and loved it. Now I have the doll and a signed book! Sweet!


My good friend Sophie Moreau sent me two lovely gifts- a giant panda journal and a set of porcelain red pandas. Spasibo, Sophie!

Twenty One

I pulled one last present out from under the tree. It was in Ded Moroz's special paper, but it was addressed to Piper, not to me. Piper? What? why would she be getting a present from Ded Moroz at my family's apartment?

Twenty Three

The answer? Because my biggest New Year surprise was a visit from my good friend Piper! Her parents' big present was a trip to visit me in New York City. We hadn't seen each other since last spring, when I visited her in Utah!

It looks like 2012 is off to a great start! What should I do with Piper to show her New York?

P.S. If you want to see the rest of the story, including Piper's present, it's at this link.


  1. Inky, it looks like you had a wonderful New Year! Let's see... you could take Piper to the ballet school and the Statue of Liberty and on a boat ride and to central park, China town, and ... I could go on and on! I'm sure whatever you guys do, you will have lots of fun together.

    ~ Kiki

  2. Ice skating might be fun, or the Museum of Natural History, or maybe take a drive up to Bear Mountain and play in the snow.

    BTW...what was Piper's present?

  3. Hi Hardygirl66, there's a link at the bottom of the post to the full photostory. Thanks for reading!

  4. That was a good gift! I'm already jelious! I think you shuld take Piper to se a ballet performance, maybe by you? And go to a cafe, and go see the statue of Liberty! Maybe some of these ideas would be fun :) Hope you both will have a good time together!
    ~ Veline :')

  5. I really enjoyed reading about your fun New Years Inky! You are SO lucky. I'm totally jelly of your special new playmobiles. I can't wait to see the fun adventures you and Piper have.


  6. What a wonderful post, Inky! You got some wonderful gifts. And how exciting that Piper is there to visit! I'm sure you two will have a wonderful time. :)

    I loved seeing the rest of the story, too. Thanks for adding the link! :)

    Tess for all of Beast'sbelle's Gals

  7. Bonne Année, Inky!
    I love that dress on you- red truly is your color! I also like your fuzzy headband.
    You received some neat gifts. I'm not one for dolls anymore, but I love your Ivy! She is definitely your mini-me doll. I think you should have a special outfit made for her- perhaps it can be a replica of one of your favorite outfits? Then, she really can be your mini-me.
    Lilly wants me to tell you that she loves your narwhal because it is "the unicorn of the sea". Lilly likes unicorns for some reason. Her birthday is in February, and I'm going to buy her a unicorn Pillow Pet.
    My favorite thing you received was the surprise visit from Piper. I would love for one of my friends to surprise me with a visit. You're going to have so much fun together!
    Who knows...maybe I'll get to meet you someday?

  8. Hello Inky! Looks like you had a great New Years! I think you should take Piper to the top of the Empire State Building. My mom said that was very neat to be up that high! I would love to see NYC. My mom went before she got me.

    Have fun!

    Lily Rose

  9. Hey Inky,

    I collect View masters too. I have some from back when I was a kid, (I'm 45), and some current ones for my class, (I'm a pre-school teacher). Enjoy!

  10. Inky!

    Happy New Year! You received some lovely presents. I love that you finally got an Ivy doll, since she looks a lot like you. And I'm glad that you liked the presents I sent!

    I think it's so neat that Piper surprised you. Friendship is definitely the best New Year present. As for what you could do together, maybe she'd like to see a ballet production? Take her to Jamaica Bay, if it's warm enough to go. I know I enjoyed it, and it looks like Violet and Maiki did, too. She'll definitely want to go to AGPNY. Maybe you could even show her FAO Schwarz and the giant piano?


  11. What an awesome New Years you had, great gifts perfect for you. And a visit from Piper, how totally perfect to start your new year.

    Cannot wait to meet you in April, it will be so fun to see you.

    Hugs Taryn

  12. Hi Inky,
    I just wanted to let you know how wrong it is that you have a "Mom" and "Mama" The Lord did not plan for beings to live on that kind of life-style. The Lord made marriage for ONE man and ONE woman only. You need to get things straight before the Lord returns, or you will be forever in the depths of Hell.

    1. Samantha, Lilyana, Rebecca, Melanthe RoseJanuary 13, 2012 at 1:45 PM

      Anonymous- You are so ignorant. People who are gay or lesbian have just as much right to love and get married as straight people do. THere is nothing wrong with loving someone, no matter what gender you are. If there is a God (which i don't think) how could he send someone to hell for loving someone else? That makes no sense.

      I really hope you had a great New Year, Inky! You got a lot of great presents, and i'm really glad Piper could visit you. That seems like the best present of all!

      Have a great 2012!
      Samantha P, Rebecca R, Melanthe Rose, and Lilyana

      Ps- i got a nellie doll, and i was really happy. I'm glad you got Ivy! -Samantha P

      PPS- Love the hair ornament-I do that to!!! really festive!-Melanthe Rose!!

    2. Julie, Eva, Kanani, and RobynJanuary 13, 2012 at 6:15 PM

      Anonymous- Inky's wonderful mothers are NOT "wrong", YOU are wrong. Do you know how insulting that is to gay and lesbian people? I believe the Lord made us for who we are, and if you are gay and lesbian then the Lord appreciates you for standing up for who you! Lesbian and gay people are much braver than us, since they come out and tell us that they are who they are and they are proud to be themselves, and they are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times more brave than YOU, you coward. You are the meanest person I've ever met. It is not Inky's fault that she has a Mom and a Mama. And it is not her Mothers' faults either! They love each other! Do you know how wrong you are? If I were you- just never mind. I just hate people like you.

      Inky- I loved your presents! I am so glad you got Ivy for New Year! You got other cool gifts, too! I'm glad Piper could visit you, and don't let anyone tell you Christmas is better, because, just like I said earlier in my post, people have a right to celebrate their own beliefs. Have a great New Year and 2012 and I'm so happy Piper made time to see you! I hope you two had a good time!

      Happy 2012!
      Julie A, Eva E, Robyn S, Kanani A.

      P.S.-I gave my BFF a doll, too! I'm glad you got Ivy, she's really pretty, and her boots are gorgeous! -Julie

      P.P.S.- I love how creative you are with the hair ornament! So pretty! -Eva

      P.P.P.S. Inky-the hair ornament is just SO stylish! Though it would be better if it was pink... -Robyn

      P.P.P.P.S. Don't let any "pink" talk of Robyn get to you, Inky! She's a hyp girl and a total pinkster! I'm so glad you got Calico Critters, I love them too! -Kanani

      -LAUREL!! :)

    3. TheMaddestI'veBeenInWeeksJanuary 13, 2012 at 6:35 PM

      I'm sorry, but this person needs to get a LIFE. Commenting on DOLL BLOGS????? These blogs are meant for children and adults who love and collect dolls, not haters who comment on if you're straight or gay! It really doesn't matter! We are who we mare inside, so you just need to really get a life and I expect to post another comment on this blog saying you're sorry to Inky and her moms! You honestly need to get a life and I am very disapointed in you, anonymous! And anonmyous? Oh PLEASE!!! You're a coward not to reveal your idenditiy! I'm the maddest I've been in weeks.

    4. OMG, I'm seriously mad, and I don't get mad easily. I'm serious, why does this person need to be so mean? God planned for us to be ourselves! So just shut up! If you have nothing nice to say, why say it at all? I'm serious, you need to stop commenting if you're mean. If anyone is going to go to Hell, it's you!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Happy New Year, Inky-and Piper! You got some fun presents! I've never heard of Squishables but yours is so cute!

    Have fun visiting Piper! We really need to visit each other again; miss you!

    PS: Your tree is pretty, too!

  15. Oh, also, I like to put holiday bows in my hair, too! I agree, it's fun and festive!

  16. Anonymous, why should a child suffer if his or her parents are gay? What do you suggest that a child with gay parents do to "get things straight"?

  17. I think Piper wants to go to AGPNY.... ;-)

  18. I agree with Jen! Inky, you can't control who your parents are, but even if you could, I'm sure you love your mom and mama, and wouldn't trade them for anything!

    I really like your Ivy doll. She's very pretty, and it's so cool your book got signed by Lisa Yee! I got the giant panda family for Hanukkah! I love playing with them.

    And I'm sure seeing one of your good friends is pretty nice, too! Have fun with Piper!

    Love, Hodel

  19. С Новым 2012 Годом!

  20. I like your Miga, Inky. I'm new to your blog and I just saw!

    You got some cool things for New Years, and it's oober cool your friend could come. I'm sure you two will have a lot of fun!



  21. Anonymous, if you are too cowardly to say who you really are, you don't have any rights to state your opinion. This is a happy blog where happy people come to see the good side of life. Don't ruin it with your pessimistic opinions about Inky and her Mama and Mom; respect other's decisions and be forgivng because God is all-loving and all-merciful, and you should take his example and follow it. It's not your decision who will and won't get inot heaven, that's God's and God's alone.

    You got the cutest gifts and I hope you have a wonderful New Year full of fun surprises!
    Love you!

  22. Happy New Year, Inky! Great gifts! (I especially love the pandas - so cute!) I'm also glad Piper got to visit you. That's the best holiday gift you can get, time with friends and family.


    P.S. Don't let the mean person get you down. They don't know what they're talking about. I think it's great that you have such a loving family, and it's not right for anyone to insult that.

  23. I love you Inky!!! Family is family and no one can say differently

    Happy new years too. I love all your cool presents. I'm sure whatever you do piper will love it! ^.o You should take her to the zoo you took Maiki to.

  24. Hiza Inky!
    I am getting the Calico Critters Giant Panda Family in the mail as an early Christmas Gift! Wanna be friends, Marina? I have read a little bit of your blog and I am IN LOVE! Send me a reply if you can.