Travel Day!


One morning, I had to wake up extremely early. The night before, I had packed my suitcases and my backpack. I was ready for an adventure! My mama and I took a cab to JFK airport, to catch a flight.


I was so tired, I slept on my first flight from JFK airport in Queens to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris! Once there, I only had a few minutes to run from security to the gate of my next flight.


After another flight, I waited for my baggage and took the bus across Ukraine to my family's apartment in Kharkov. After seven hours on the bus, I was pretty tired, but I had to pose for a picture on the balcony!


I was so happy to finally be in my family's Ukrainian apartment. I live in New York City with my moms, but I love getting to come back to Ukraine whenever we can. We had decided to come to Kharkov so that I could participate in a summer program at the very same school where my Mama went to school as a kid!


  1. Hi, Inky! I hope you had fun on your trip! My sister, Katia, is from Moscow. She says that they speak Russian where you are in Ukraine, so she wants to visit sometime.

  2. hey inky,where ya been? I havnt heard from you on your blog in A-W-H-I-L-E.

  3. Inky!

    It's good to see you updating your blog. It's too bad that you only had a few minutes in CDG airport. I was hoping you'd have enough time to see Paris!

    I think it's neat that you got to attend the same school that your Mama went to, and you are so very lucky to get to visit Ukraine every few years. I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos.


  4. Hi Inky! I'm Lucy. =) Hope you have a wonderful trip! The Ukraine looks beautiful!

  5. What do you mean by " moms"? Don't you only have one Mom?

    1. LoverAG, I have two mothers, a Mom and a Mama. My mothers are married to each other and I am their daughter.

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