Train Trip to Sevastopol!


A few days after I arrived in Ukraine, I was finally adjusted to the time difference. Even though I've come to Ukraine many times before, it's always a little tricky getting my body to learn to wake up at the right times.

But that day, I had to be up super early! If you can see the clock on the train station behind me, it was only 5:19 in the morning! We were going on a trip to Sevastopol, Crimea!


We had to arrive at the train station early to make sure we could get our baggage onto the train. We had a whole compartment to our little family. Can you see the train in the window? Ours looked a lot like that.


Our train left a little after six. Soon, we were trundling down the tracks across Ukraine. See the water outside the window? That's the Kakhovka Reservoir. It's 2,155 square kilometers- huge! It was created in 1956.


One of the best parts of riding the train in Ukraine is the sleeper bunks. I got my own little bunk with a blue stripey mattress and pillow.

Since we had left for the train station so early in the morning, I decided to sleep for a few hours. After all- it's a 12 hour ride to Sevastopol!

When I woke up, it was raining. Apparently a cool rain is the best weather for train travel. If it's too hot or too cold, it can be a really uncomfortable trip.

I realized we had already crossed into Crimea. Crimea is a peninsula that juts from the south of Ukraine into the Black Sea. It's famous for its mountains and caves. I think it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Finally, as evening set in, we pulled into the train station in Sevastopol! My great-grandma was waiting on the platform and waving at me. It was time to go to her flat and eat lots of food and drink lots of hot, hot tea!


  1. Your trip to Sevastopol seemed to be a good relaxing trip .. now you get to have some really fun adventures .. you are lucky to get to travel so much .. Have a great trip .. we will be watching for more fun ..


  2. Wow! I've always wanted to go to the Black Sea, but I've never been. Maybe I will get to go someday! I can't wait to see more pictures from your trip. :)

  3. Ooh, such lovely pictures! The scenery is so beautiful there... I hope I get to visit some day! It seems like you're having a nice trip. Have fun the rest of the time! =)

  4. glad to see you all had a good time in Ukraine.

  5. Wow I wish I could travel that much I know someone from the ukraine