International Red Panda Day


Guess what today is! Today is November 13th, or International Red Panda Day. Red pandas are by far my favorite animal. They live in India, Nepal, China, Bhutan, and Myanmar.

Thirty Five

Living in New York City, I'm lucky that we have red pandas in four of the five boroughs. I visit them whenever I can, because red pandas rule! This photo is from my last visit to see Walter the red panda at the Bronx Zoo.

Celebrating International Red Panda Day!

To celebrate Red Panda Day, I wore my red panda t-shirt.  I worked hard all morning making the special doll-sized mask that Violet is wearing.  On my shoulder, you can see my stuffie red panda, Walnut. I like to pretend he hosts a TV show called Walnut's World, which is about dining out in Queens.

I love that there is a holiday to celebrate my favorite animal.  If you want to learn more about what you can do to help save red pandas in the wild, check out the Red Panda Network.   They have tons of information about red pandas. They even have a program for kids where you can become a Red Panda Ranger!

Happy International Red Panda Day! Do you have a favorite animal?


  1. Inky!

    It does feel weird posting on each other's blogs even though I'm in the same room, haha! ;)

    Walnut is adorable! My classmate Anya would love him, I'm sure of it. She loves stuffed animals so much and has a huge collection of them. She doesn't have a panda yet, but she does have a polar bear.

    That mask you made for Violet is awesome! :D

    Hmm, I don't rightly know if I have a favorite animal. Red pandas are pretty cute, but I don't know if they are my favorite animal. I like cats somewhat, but, of course, I don't have too much experience with them.


  2. I don't know much about red pandas so I just learned about them from your blog!

    Right now my fave animal is the coyote! I love the stories about them being tricksters. But, they live around here and we have to be really careful because we don't want them to hurt our puppy!

    ~ Kiki

  3. How cool! I've never seen a red panda in person. I've never been to a zoo, but Bre has... she says I'd like it though, because we both love animals.

    I like the mask a lot, and Walnut is super cute!

    I don't really have a favorite animal, but animals are great. =)

  4. Happy Red Panda Day!

    I love red pandas too ^_^ When I was at the San Diego Zoo, I saw one being walked on a leash by one of the employees, just like a little dog. It was adorable <3


  5. I love the red panda's too they are so beautiful .. the mask you made for Violet is sooooo KEWL!!

    My favorite animal is a 'flamingo' .. I have only seen a real one at a distance in Grand Turks Island in the Caribbean .. our zoo does not have flamingos .. or red pandas ..

    Walnut is so cute .. that would be fun if he had a TV show ..


  6. I'm so glad you got your red panda toy, Inky. Susanna says she loves dogs best and she isn't sure what zoo animals she likes because she hasn't ever been to a zoo. She likes to play zoo with her stuffed animals though so maybe giraffe or elephant is her favorite.
    Susanna's guardian

  7. I'm going to say a penguin is my favorite animal. I think they are so cute, and awkward, which makes them cuter. Where did you get the pattern/ cut-out for Violet's mask?

  8. next year we have to celebrate together. i don't think i have a favorite animal, myself. i love owls and cats and dolphins and million others though.

  9. Wow! I never thought I would find someone else who loves red pandas as much as I do! You have got to tell me where you got the red panda scarf (from a different post - Snow Day I think) and how you got the red panda shirt. I would love to make them or buy them for my dolls!