Kulfi Pops


Yesterday, Violet and I made a new friend! Click on the photo above to read the photostory.

Happy Kulfi Pops!


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  2. It sounds like you had a fun time! The kulfi pops sound interesting, though I don't like mango so I wouldn't try that flavor. Do they come in any others besides those three?

    Your shirt is cute and Sonali is beautiful! I hope you two become great friends :)

    PS, you should add me to your blog friend list ;)

  3. Yum, kulfi pops sound delicious! I'll bet my Desi friend from England has had them. I should ask her if she ever enrolls here. ;)

    Sonali seems nice and is gorgeous to boot!


  4. Inky, it looks like an amazing day!

  5. Oh I am so happy for you Inky that you have a new friend now that you have switched neighborhoods .. I know you were wanting someone before .. Now when Violet has to leave you will have someone to help with the loneliness ..

    Have fun while Violet is there ..


  6. I'm glad you're making new friends Inky! Those Kulfi pops sound delicious. :)