At the Beach on Fire Island National Seashore!


Friday was a great day; we got to go to the beach on Fire Island National Seashore! Violet and I dug this big hole in the sand and climbed into it.  The hole goes up to my waist! I had been on Fire Island a few months ago for Junior Ranger Day, but this was Violet's first time.  She really loved it.  We picked up Junior Ranger booklets at the lighthouse, but since we came late in the day, we didn't get a chance to take them back to be checked.  There are lots of cool activities for us to do for the next week or so.


Violet and I wore our swimsuits, even though the water was way too cold to go swimming.  I ran in almost up to my knees; the water was freezing! Even so, there were some people brave enough to swim in the cold water.  Violet was a little nervous because sharks have been sighted her recently, but I told her that sharks rarely come so close to shore.


It was a really nice evening.  We came to Fire Island late in the afternoon so that it wouldn't be so hot.  I sat with Violet in the breeze and watched the sun set below the horizon.  Violet told me that she had been looking forward to an ocean sunset since our trip to Cape Cod two summers ago. Luckily, there were lots of puffy clouds so the sunset looked colorful and majestic.

I love going to the beach in the summertime! What do you like to do to cool off?


  1. Aww, I love that picture of the two of you watching the sunset. The lighting is perfect!

    I love going to the beach, too, right around sunset. I don't even care about wading in the water. Walking along the beach barefoot is good enough for me. I love the feel of sand between my toes. Ahh! Someday I'd like to go to Cape Cod because I've never been, and when I go back to Prince Edward Island, I want to be sure and visit the beaches there. We didn't get to last time.


  2. Reisbrook, where I live, is only about four miles from the beach, but I don't go very often. I'd rather sit in the shade with some lemonade and a good book, or run through a sprinkler!

    I like the pictures of you and your friend, especially the last one!

    --Clever Kit

  3. Beautiful Inky .. looks like you two had so much fun visiting Fire Island .. we love going to the ocean .. but my favorite thing to do to cool off is sitting in a deck chair on our cruise ship in the shade and reading a book or just watching the ocean ..


  4. Hi Inky!! I have been watching your blog for a while, and I only just got my own, Which I'm super excited about!!
    I love the last picture, It's so pretty :)

    -Aisha, the new blogger

  5. American Girl Crazy 123November 7, 2010 at 9:08 PM

    I love your blog, Inky! Thanks for linking it to me! ☺ That was pretty risky to go out in the ocean like that but, It makes a cool picture!