Vancouver 2010

Olympics Inky

Happy Olympics! I'm super excited. I'm wearing my official Olympics shirt. (I got one for Violet too.) Do you like my mascot stuffies? I've got Miga, a cross between a Kermode Bear and an Orca, and Sumi, a nature spirit.

Let the Games begin!


  1. How fun!! I love love the Olympics. Your shirt is so cute.
    I can't wait to watch the figure skating. Sascha Cohen is my favorite, I loved her Romeo and Juliet long program at the last winter Olympics!

  2. I love your shirt and your new friends, Inky. I hope I can see you next weekend. Susanna says hi but she doesn't like to get out of bed in the winter.
    Susanna's guardian

  3. We watched every second of the Olympics last night! We are glad you are now on blogspot. We are new here, too. :) Mia and Eva

  4. Inky,
    I LOVE my presents! Yippeee!! They are awesome. Just like you.


  5. I love your shirt! It's so cute. The mascots are adorable, too: I'm glad that someone came up with the idea of such cute mascots. :D My friends in Canada have some too.
    Happy Olympics!
    ~Ruth Ann

  6. Miga is very cute! I like her shirt too! I love watching the olympics.What's your favorite sport?

  7. A Copy of my original post: (Anonymous) wrote:
    Feb. 13th, 2010 01:46 am (UTC)
    I like Quatchi best! Also, you can print out paper models you fold into mascot figurines on the website. Everyone KNOWS Sasquatch is the REAL Santa Clause...

  8. Hey, Inky! Your shirt and mascots are too cute. We collect them, too! Abbey's favorites are MukMuk (the sidekick) and Quatchi, and Chloe loves Miga and Sumi. We hope you enjoyed the Olympics!

  9. Sweet! After seeing your pics on playthings Inky, I looked forever for those mascots. Mia is still waiting. (Psst...I think she'll be waiting a while.)

    -Karise E. 3.3.10

  10. Too bad they didn't make teeny little Olympic mitts for your buddies North of the border; I mailed scads of the large versions to friends around the globe, but a tiny pair would have been the perfect complement to your mascots!

    Cdn AG Lover