Shopping with Inky

I get lots of comments & e-mails about the things I wear and the things I play with. Here's an entry telling you where you can buy stuff like mine!
  • My t-shirts are homemade. Colette makes them for me using Avery inkjet transfer paper for dark clothing. The plain t-shirts are purchased from the t-shirt making stations at American Girl Place. (Just ask for a t-shirt with no design.) Find any image you like online, print it on the transfer paper, and iron it on. The Barack Obama shirts were specially made during the 2008 Presidential Election.
  • Ice Bat, my favorite toy, is an Ugly Doll. He was originally a keychain, but has had the keychain attachment removed to make him into a doll-sized lovey. Ugly Doll makes quite a few (34) different keychains, so find the one you find cutest! I have Ice Bat, Secret Mission Ice Bat, and Poe. You can get Ugly Doll toys online or in premium toy shops.
  • The Ukrainian outfit Violet wears was handmade by a seamstress. Colette made the vinok, or headdress, herself.
  • Cheburashka is a creature from a popular Russian cartoon. You can learn a lot about him by googling "Cheburashka." The Cheburashka toys that Violet and I have were purchased in Ukraine. These same toys can also be found in many Russian shops on Brighton Beach Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, such as St. Petersburg Books and Children's World.
  • My New Year ornaments came from one of those vending machines you find in the front of grocery stores. Unfortunately they don't have anything stamped on them that could help me find them online.


  1. The shirts from the T-shirt stations must be better quality than the Doll Tees ones. Mischa was going to have a shirt but the iron melted the shirt...she'll get it sometime though (it's Carebears).

    Also Cheburashka is so adorable!

  2. I was just noticing your "Mythbusters" T-shirt! Tía has promised to make some fun shirts soon. :)

  3. I love your red panda scarf!! Where can I get one??

  4. Hi Cat, you can get Longbottom scarves (including red panda) from:

  5. Silverstreak,
    The plain tees at American Girl Place cost $10 each.