Back to school...

New T-shirt!

Hey Guys! Can you believe summer's over? Fall means it's back to school for me- not that it's a big deal, since I'm unschooled.

Thank you for your compliments on my shirt in my last entry. It's a homemade Sputnik shirt. Kudos to you if you recognized the image!

I've been home from Violet's for about a month... I'm super behind on updating.

What kind of adventures do you think I should go on this fall?


  1. Your hair looks super cute in that style and the kitty ears are adorable!

  2. I am unschooled, too, and it's great! I love to read and write, and science and history are interesting to study. I love field trips!

  3. I thought you said you were homeschooled? (In a different post, somewhere in 2007)