Rhode Island Adventure


Yesterday I had an adventure in Rhode Island with my new friend Susanna. We took a walking tour of historic Providence; there were so many pretty, old houses. I went to the bathroom at the Providence Athenaeum, which is a special library. We also went to the Roger Williams National Memorial.


Guess what we did there? That's right! The Junior Ranger program. I was a little sad that Violet wasn't there to do it too, but I will make sure to take her there someday. We learned about Roger Williams, who was the co-founder of Rhode Island. He believed in Liberty of Conscience, which means the freedom to believe what you want to believe. Roger Williams also believed in the separation of church and state & paying American Indians for their land.


Here we are with the park ranger who gave us our badges. He was surprised to see us! It was a fun day, even though it would not stop raining. I also enjoyed riding the train to and from New York. I left the house at 5:45am and didn't get home until 1am the next day! Whoa!

What's your favorite thing to do when you visit a friend?

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  1. I like to make up plays and act them out with friends. But if I traveled somewhere far away I'd want to see all the sights!