Lower East Side with Anna Lee

Anna Lee & Inky in the East Village

I've been pretty busy lately! I played with my friend Susanna on Thursday, then on Sunday I went to the Met and played with a really cute 70s doll. Today I met up with Anna Lee, one of Violet's friends! Anna Lee and I got along really well. We went to Veselka, one of my favorite restaurants. Anna Lee had a lime rickey and I tried an egg cream for the first time. Yum!

Anna Lee & Inky in the East Village

After Veselka, we went to Roosevelt Park. You might think the park's named for the presidents Teddy and Franklin, but it's actually Sara Delano Roosevelt Park! She was Franklin's mother. We played on the playground; we had a race on the slide to see who could reach the bottom first, but we got there at the same time!

Anna Lee & Inky in the East Village>

I tried to take this picture of Anna Lee on the Bowery, because the Empire State Building is in the background. Can you see it? I think I need a better camera that can focus on Anna Lee and the building at the same time!

Anna Lee & Inky in the East Village

At the end of the afternoon, Anna Lee walked me to the subway. It was a lot of fun to meet Anna Lee! We both loved talking about our favorite National Parks. I'm thinking of asking Anna Lee if she wants to visit one of the National Historic Parks right here in New York.

What's your favorite park? What do you like to do there?

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  1. My favorite parks are Yellowstone, Canyonlands, Arches and Rocky Mountain National Park. I've never been to any in the eastern part of the country, but maybe someday!