FDR's home & Fala

Inky & Fala

Today was a cold day- but it turned out to be exciting! I got to go to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's home, which is a National Historic Site.  It was awesome.  I got to go in his house and look at all his things.  You can't take pictures in the house, but here is a picture of me with a statue of his dog, Fala.  Did you know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt has also been to Ukraine? He has! He was in Yalta with Stalin and Churchill, working on ending the Great Patriotic War (that's what we call WWII in Russia.).  You know what's funny? I saw the cloak he wore that day in his closet. And then Mama told me that she's been to the palace where they held the Yalta Conference and played in the hallways. Whoa!

I had a lot of fun at FDR's home. The gift shop had dishes just like Kit's, some cool pencils, and Kit's books!  If you go, make sure you don't get the bald ranger. He's mean! He wouldn't let me have a Junior Ranger book.  Luckily, after the tour, two rangers came up and gave me a booklet and said they were very sorry the first ranger was mean.  So I earned my Jr. Ranger badge after all! It's not actually a Jr. Ranger- at FDR's home, it's a Junior Secret Service badge!

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