С Новым 2009 Годом!! Happy New Year 2009!

Inky's New Year

Happy New Year! Here I am with our New Year tree. Isn't it pretty? Yeva and I stayed up late waiting for New Year to happen.  We watched television to see the ball drop.  Guess what? They showed clips of New Year in Moscow! It was really exciting.  Yeva and I wanted to have fireworks, but we didn't because Jen won't let us have them inside. Stinkbugs!

I got some really good presents.  Susie and Jess sent me and Iris jewelry.  My moms gave me a puppet of Karl Marx!


  1. wow! I do irish dancing! I think that their jewlery is awesome, isn't it?
    P.S. I love your tree, mine is pink

  2. Oops, sorry, I thought it was IRISH, not iris. But their jewlery is neat too