Official Hopeless Candidate of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

Tonight was okay. I was going to stay home and hang out with Yevka, but then I got the chance to go into the city! Whoo! There was an Ani DiFranco concert, so of course Jen took me and Colette.

Inky & Dennis Kucinich

I made a new friend- that's right, it's Dennis Kucinich! He was really funny. After I went back to my seat, Dennis went up on stage and played a song with Ani. He shook a little tube with shakies inside of it. Isn't that cool? I got to meet the Official Hopeless Candidate of Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me!

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  1. That's amazing that you got to meet Dennis Kucinich! Tía used to listen to Ani DiFranco a lot, but never saw her in real life.