Day Three!

Iris Reading, originally uploaded by Colette Denali.

Okay, I'm in just under the wire, because Mama was playing on the computer. She likes that Sims2 game, especially the gardening. BORING! That's what I say.

I took this picture of Iris on her bed, reading this dorky magazine for small-sized humans. We haven't had a new issue in about 2 years, so I guess it's better that usual. I'm not sure if I've ever explained Iris's loveys.

She's got an Addy doll, wayyyy too many My Little Ponies, and a brown Nijntje. Nijntje is from the Netherlands, where our friend Mieke lived between Indonesia and New York. Brown Nijntje is wearing a very inappropriate outfit.

What do you like to read before bed? I really like adventure books that give me awesome dreams.

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  1. The Justin Bieber book always puts me to sleep!! -Cailin

    I prefer more...advanced literature. Picture books are useless if they are not demonstrating the combining of atoms. -Emilie

    Reading? Like...a book? -Nicki

    Magazines!!! Mod Doll, American Girl, Stardoll, we love them all! Ew...that rhymed... -Chryss and Kumi