A package from Violet

Package from Violence!

Hey Awesome Possums! Guess what? That's right! I got a package! From Utah! For me! It's from my friend Violence, you know, the one who went to Ukraine with me. She also sent me that map that's on my bed, but that was when we were still living in Wisconsin. I've used it a lot. For example: if you want to know how to get from Madison Square Park to home in Queens? The map tells you which train to take.

New Pins!

They're pins for my collection! Aren't they great? I like the London one. Violet and I got to go to London this summer. We were supposed to ride all the way from Kiev to Madison in our suitcase, but the security people in London wouldn't let us, so we got to hang out there for a few hours. And then that lucky duck Violence got to go back! Two trips to Europe in one summer!

I love the Lenin pin. Now I can put my hero on my backpack and see him whenever I want to! Now that the apartment is mostly unpacked, Iris and I get to start decorating our room. I'm going to put up a banner with all my pins on it. And these two will be right at the top!

Thank you again Violence!!!

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