New Mexico!

Inky in the New Mexico sky

Hello from New Mexico! My grandma lives on a old vineyard near our family's reservation. It's so beautiful here. Can you see how blue the sky is? Wow!

Inky rides the rails

One of the best things about the vineyard is this old railcar. I don't know where it came from, but it's what my family uses for storage.  I love to climb on it and pretend I'm riding the rails!

Inky on the Grape Press

This big thing I'm sitting on is a thingy that the vintners used for stomping on grapes to make wine. Cool!

Inky with woven belt.

My family is from two of the Pueblo tribes in New Mexico. This belt is in a traditional design. Isn't it beautiful?

Riding the Buckboard

Outside the house, we have an old buckboard wagon! It is also really fun to play on.  I love to visit my grandma in New Mexico.  Do your grandparents live far away or nearby?

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