En route to New Mexico!

Leaving Madison in the dark & early morning

Good morning! I am leaving Wisconsin very early today to travel to New Mexico to see my mama's family.  I have been on three plane trips this year- to Ukraine, to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle & Portland), and now to New Mexico.

Buckled in.

Always listen to the flight attendants and buckle up when flying! Flying makes me a little nervous. I know it's safer than driving, but it's still a little bit weird to be up so high in the air!

Inky in the Cockpit

If you are lucky, the pilot will let you visit the cockpit!

Attendant and Inky

Always befriend the flight attendants; they are very nice! Then they will give you extra juice when the drink service is over.

Inky enjoys a Reindeer Drink at the MSP Airport Caribou Coffee

My family had a layover in Minneapolis/St. Paul on the way to New Mexico. I stopped and had some hot cocoa at Caribou Coffee. Delicious! They even gave me this souvenir mug for being so cute. Whee!

I think this is my flight!

One of the fun things about traveling during the holidays is that the airlines play funny tricks.  Can you see where this flight is headed? Heehee!

Those are all the photos I have of my journey. See you in New Mexico in my next post!

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