Visiting Seattle & Naomi

Too dark- but Inky on the Waterfront

Hello my friends! Can you tell where I am today? I'm in Seattle, Washington! I'm on the west coast to visit my friend Naomi and see the final concerts of my favorite band, Sleater-Kinney.  Today I'm visiting the Public Market in Seattle with Naomi.

Good friends on the Pier

Naomi is from a Seattle suburb, so she knows her way around very well. She's very nice and has very, very long hair!


Naomi and I went to pirate shop. We tried on these pirate hats; do we look menacing to you? I didn't think so!


How about now? Yikes! Look at all those skulls!

Yo Ho Ho and an armful of... dolls

This pirate was very obliging; he picked us up and showed us around the store. Heehee! Just kidding, he was a statue!

Inky and Naomi check out the pirate ships

Look at this amazing model boat! Can you imagine what it would be like to sail on a boat like this one, maybe even whaling? Yikes!


At the pirate shop there was a big chest full of shiny, plastic pirate's booty! Naomi and I played in it for a long time, pretending we'd just found a trunk of buried treasure on a deserted island.  In the end, we didn't buy any, but it was fun while we were there!

Chillin' like a villain with Naomi

Well, those are all the pictures I have for today! I hope you enjoy this picture of me and Naomi playing on the statue's butt!

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