Exploring Portland

On the Willamette

Hello again from Portland! This time, I'm exploring the city! Portland has tons of bridges; they remind me of the Sleater-Kinney song called "Light Rail Coyote." As I saw different things from the song, I was reminded that we were there to say good-bye to Sleater-Kinney. :(

Inky and Stormtrooper

I don't really remember what everything was called, but there was a big convention center we passed as we walked around Portland. I think there was some sort of Star Wars conference because there lots of people in Star Wars costumes. Here I am with a storm trooper. My mom won't know what he is! She has never seen any of the Star Wars movies; isn't that silly? My mama, however, loves them. And so do I!

Watching the Light Rail Max with a seal

One of the cool things about Portland are these cool animal statues. Here I am with a sea lion watching the Light Rail go by!

At Portland's Pioneer Square

This picture of me with a beaver statue is the last photo from my trip. I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures from my Sleater-Kinney goodbye trip! Ciao!

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