Still Safe at Home

Inky VR

Sometimes it feels like we've been living with COVID-19 around us forever. Some days it's hard to do the same things over and over, especially indoors.  There are little things that mark the days. Today, for example, our building's maintenance team mowed the lawn for the first time since the quarantine began! I was sad because it was fun to explore the yard's different plants.  We even had tiny strawberry plants! Still, the mowed lawn smells like summer.  I love that smell! 

Today was also fun because my mom's friend let me try out her virtual reality headset! I got to see her piece, which is called Blood Memory. It's a journey through Indigenous ancestral experiences.  I was really happy to get to experience it!

Over the weekend, a bunch of kids in my neighborhood joined together (in a socially-distanced way, of course!) to make anti-racist chalk drawings on the sidewalks.  There are a lot of big changes and protests happening right now to support Black people and communities; it's really important to participate and show solidarity whenever we can.

Black Lives Matter!


  1. Yay Inky! You are very responsible!

  2. Hi Inky! I have been reading your blog since 2006 (when I was only 10 years old!) and I just wanted to let you know how much nostalgic comfort you bring me. I really appreciate the space that you have cultivated.