Video Chatting with Nora

Video Call with Nora

While I love playing Animal Crossing online with my friends, not everyone has the ability to play it.  However most kids do have computers or tablets, especially now that many kids have moved to online school.  I was very lucky to be able to video chat on my computer with my friend Nora! Nora lives in Ontario, Canada. She visited me a few years ago and we explored NYC together.  We had been hoping to see each other this year, but with the pandemic, that won't happen.

Video Call with Nora

Nora and I get to talk more frequently than most kids who live in different countries. We're in the same time zone! Nora and I have our favorite book, Swallows and Amazons, in common.  We like to scheme about having camping adventures in a sailboat as the kids in the book series do!


I took this photo of Nora at Conservatory Water in Central Park almost three years ago. It's a model boat pond where you can rent little sailboats! It was the perfect activity for the two of us.  We both want to take a vacation one day to the Lake District in the United Kingdom to camp by sailboat.

Playing with cat

It was nice to get to video chat with Nora! It was refreshing for us to hang out that way. Since we always live far apart, it really felt normal.  I haven't seen my NYC friends in a long time.  I do have a friend in my building, but our windows aren't visible to one another, so we haven't been able to even wave! Nora and I have actually been spending more time "together" than before the pandemic. I'm trying to look at the situation in a positive way!

One of the big changes that has happened since our quarantine began is that I have a new cat! I'll write more about that later.  Until next time!

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