Happy 2020!

Happy 2020!

I rang in the year 2020 with my friend Brooke in Seattle! It was fun to be there and to celebrate Hanukkah with her family.  After my trip across the west in October, it was nice to have a quiet fall and start to the winter.  Brooke's family let me put Lucky Bat on top of the tree! They had a New Year tree just for me, which was so nice of them.  Can you see Lucky Bat up there?

Inky as Rey, redux

One of my holiday gifts was a Rey costume! I love Rey; she's one of my favorite characters in Star Wars! Brooke's uncle let me play with his awesome BB-8 too!

Inky and BB-8

BB-8 is so cute. I got to go see the newest Star War movie during the holiday season. It was really exciting, because I don't get to go to the movies that often.  However, it was definitely movie season! When I visited Brooke, we also went to go see Frozen 2!

Inky's holiday beach day!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending New Year cards to my family and friends. This year, I was excited not to wear a dress! I wore this red sweater and posed for my holiday photo on the beach.  Doesn't the beach look different in the winter time? It was a cloudy day, but still, I thought the colors were very subtle and pretty.

New outfit!

We had a very, very mild winter in New York City. I think it only snowed twice, and only a little bit each time.  I was able to play outside on several winter days without a heavy coat!  My building is doing a lot of landscaping in our courtyard, so most of the bushes have been removed. I had fun running around with the other kids in the neighborhood.  These mustard pants and blue shirt were other holiday gifts. Do you like them?

Hello Panda Lantern Festival

On the day that felt like the coldest of the entire winter, I went to the Lantern Festival in Queens! See that giant Transformer-esque thing behind me? That's a big, lit-up sculpture of a mouse! This year is the year of the Metal Mouse, so the entire neighborhood was celebrating mice during the Lunar New Year festival.  It was SO COLD though! I'm glad I had a warm parka and scarf. 

What did you do this winter? Did you go on any adventures?

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