Exploring Old Town Albuquerque

Inky in Old Town Albuquerque

As fall got underway, it was time for another trip with my parents! One of my moms is from New Mexico. Since my family hadn't visited for over a year, we decided to take a fall trip there.  After spending a quiet weekend with my grandmother and aunt, we went to Old Town Albuquerque to explore a little.

Old Town is a historic part of the city.  It was founded by Spanish colonists over 300 years ago in 1706.  Albuquerque is on El Camino Real, or the road that went between Santa Fe and Mexico City. If you've ever read the American Girl Josefina books, then you might remember that Josefina's grandfather was a merchant who traveled along El Camino Real! He would definitely have stopped in Albuquerque.

The center of Old Town is the plaza, a square with grace, paths, and a gazebo. It's basically a little park surrounded by shops and restaurants!

Inky in Old Town Albuquerque

Behind me in this photo, you can see the San Felipe de Neri Church! Many New Mexicans (like Josefina and her family!) are Catholic.  The church goes all the way back to Spanish Colonial times! The original church building was built in the same year Albuquerque was founded- 1706.  The church burnt down at end of that century. The current church replaced it.  I didn't take any photos inside as I did not want to be disrespectful.

Inky in Old Town Albuquerque

In this photo, I'm standing in front of a mural in a pedestrian passage off of San Felipe St Northwest. It has outdoor scenes of New Mexico. Do you see the bison in the mural? They're so big! My family's tribe has a bison ranch nearby, as do some of the other tribes.  I like to look out for bison as we drive around New Mexico! You never know when you might see one.

Inky in Old Town Albuquerque

Down the same passage as the bison mural, there is a really cute café called the Blackbird Café! I posed in front of this fountain that mimics an old-fashioned well.  The flag I am holding is New Mexico's state flag, which features the sun symbol from Zia Pueblo.  Many people do not agree with the sun symbol being on the state flag.  Since the flag is a state symbol, Zia Pueblo cannot copyright the symbol either! It's very sad, because it is a sacred symbol. There was even a special exhibit on the sun symbol at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center that explored the relationship different New Mexicans have to the Zia sun symbol. It's called "Ours: The Zia Sun."

I love going to New Mexico and spending time with my family and friends.  Does your family have a special place you like to spend time together?

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  1. You are invited to let me know when you are in town again as I now have AGs I am more active in taking out. I’d love to see you! You can contact me through Flickr or Facebook.
    Tracy in ABQ