Victoria's Inner Harbour Waterfront

Victoria, BC

The last thing I did in Victoria was take a short walk along the Inner Harbour waterfront! Many cruise ships and ferries come to this part of Victoria, so there are a lot of little shops and things to see.  I particularly enjoyed this topiary (decorative plant sculpture) of an orca and its baby! 

Victoria, BC

As Brooke and I walked along the Inner Harbour waterfront, we also saw The Empress hotel. It was built over 100 years ago to house railway passengers! It still works today. Guests can even go to fancy tea services there!

I was really happy to visit Victoria. I'm glad Brooke and I got to meet up with Léonie as well; it was so kind of her to show us around Victoria. I'd love to go back someday for a longer visit.  Have you ever gone on a day trip to a new city? What did you see?

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