A view from Mont Royal

Québec, je me souviens!

In October, my mama had a conference in Québec! I got to explore Montréal with my aunt while Mama was busy. The first thing I did was head up Mont Royal! Mont Royal is Montréal's namesake. It was named for King Francis I by Jacques Cartier in 1535! However, Montréal was home to First Nations people for many, many, many years before the French came.  Mont Royal has three peaks. In 2017, the Outremont peak was renamed Tiohtià:ke Otsira’kéhne, the Mohawk phrase for "Place of the Big Fire."

Inky in Montréal

While it was warm and sunny for most of our time in Montréal, it was really, really windy and cold up on the mountain! We had planned on taking a little hike around the park, but it was way too cold for us! Still, the view was really nice.  I could see the Parc Olympique, where the Montreal Tower held the torch in 1976.  If you have an eagle eye, you can barely make it out in this photo!

Inky in Montréal

Before long, we caught the bus back down the hill to explore the city some more.  I loved Montréal! I had so much fun visiting stationery stores like Nota Bene and Baltic Club. I also tried poutine, which is French fries with cheese curds and gravy.  Yum!

Have you ever been to Québec? Did you like it?

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