NYC's First Snow of the Season!

Inky in NYC's first snow!

The holidays are such a fun time of year! Everyone seems to be more cheerful and the decorations around the city are beautiful. My building's courtyard is extra festive as we have a holly bush in our yard! On Saturday morning, things got even more beautiful when I woke up to snow falling!

I have a new parka this year. It was custom-made in Manitoba, Canada, especially for me! At first my mom and mama told me I couldn't have it until New Year, when we traditionally give gifts- but I managed to convince them that I should get it on the occasion of the first snow. Whee! I put on my parka, snow pants, and boots so that I could play in the snow.

Inky in NYC's first snow!

I love the snow. It reminds me so much of New Year, of hot chocolate, and of the Nutcracker! I stopped taking ballet lessons a few years ago and I'm so relieved to have more time to play, particularly during Nutcracker season. I do miss the excitement of performing, but performances are a reward for hard work and I just didn't have the energy or passion to do that anymore. I'm glad. Sometimes you might think that you should never quit something, but if it's making you unhappy you might need to rethink things. I know I made the right decision.

Inky in NYC's first snow!

Hurrah for the holiday season!  May your days be merry and bright as the solstice approaches.  I can't wait for New Year. Only a few more weeks!



  1. I love your blog and I wish I could follow it in RSS feed but it does not work at home; I would have liked to subscribe to the newsletter by email, but I do not see this option on the page.
    How can I be notified of your new publications ?
    I wish you a happy holiday season :-)
    Guyloup ( -

    1. Salut Guyloup!

      I added a link to my feeds on the right sidebar- enjoy!