Happy Halloween!

Brooke and Inky as Tweak and Shellington

It's October 31! That means it's Halloween! This year, I decided to do a group costume with my friend Brooke.  We are Octonauts! The Octonauts is our favorite show and one of my favorite series of books.  I am my favorite character, Shellington! Shellington is an otter professor.  Brooke is Tweak, the bunny mechanic.

Inky as Shellington Otter

I wanted to paint my face to look more like an otter, but my moms said no! Still, I think I look pretty cute. I am wearing brown pants and a sweater, both by Dynamite Threads.  My moms specially ordered my Shellington accessories and a friend lent me the magnifying glass. Cool!

Brooke as Tweak Bunny

Brooke also looks super cute as Tweak Bunny! She has a carrot and a hammer so she can eat a "buncha crunchy carrots" and still fix the Gups (the ships that the Octonauts use).

Brooke  & Inky as Tweak and Shellington

In my neighborhood, we have a Halloween parade for kids. Brooke and I are so excited to participate and also trick or treat for lots of candy!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Are you wearing a costume this year?

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I just found your blog again after first visiting in 2012 - you were one of the few blogs that inspired me to start blogging! And I love those outfits, too cute!