UBC's Museum of Anthropology

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

Hello my friends! On my last day in Vancouver, I was able to visit the University of British Columbia!  My parents and I took two buses to get there and then a shuttle bus to get to our destination - the Museum of Anthropology!  It's a great museum on campus that has a wonderful collection of items from the Pacific Northwest (and other places too!)

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

The museum is bright and airy. I really enjoyed exploring it. One of my favorite pieces is this carved bear.  I love its teeth!

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

This is a beautiful sculpture called "Raven and the First Men," which was created by the famous Haida sculptor, Bill Reid.  Isn't it gorgeous? I stood and looked at it for a long time.  The sculpture shows the Haida story of the first men.  One day Raven saw a special clamshell with tiny humans emerging from it.  Raven encouraged them to come out and those people became the first Haida people!

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

This is me with another bear sculpture. I think Northwest Native art is beautiful.  I am so lucky that I go to visit the Museum of Anthropology! I have seen some Northwest Native art at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, but it is much nicer to see it in the place where it's from!

Inky at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

The last thing I looked at before leaving the museum was the Open Storage section. This part of the museum has lots of glass cases (vitrines) and glass-topped drawers so that you can see all the items that are not on exhibition.  I was really enjoying looking at pottery from New Mexico with my Mama with my Mom called me over to see something special! It was a beautiful salmon skin robe from the Nanai people near Khabarovsk, Russia! I was very happy because I am Nanai! My parents adopted me in Khabarovsk when I was little.

For the rest of the day, I had a big smile on my face. I wonder if I am related to the person who made the robe so long ago? Wouldn't that be cool?

Have you ever been to a museum? What kinds of things did it have in it? Did you enjoy yourself?

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  1. This is all so amazing to see. You probably are related to the person who made that robe in one way or another.

    ~ Kiki