Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day

Happy Pride 2015!

Happy 11th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day!! I'm very lucky to be part of a family with two moms, my Mama and Mom.  They are lucky to have me too!

One thing that makes our family special is that we homeschool and travel a lot! I am ten years old and so far, I have been to several countries and many states.  My family loves National Park Service sites like parks and historic sites.  At NPS sites, I love to do the Junior Ranger program to earn badges and help me prepare for my dream career- park ranger! My parents made the decision to homeschool me so that we could keep on traveling all year long. I love it!

Another thing that makes our family special is that we all have different ethnicities.  I was born in Russia and I am from a small ethnic group there- the Nanai.  Mama is American Indian, from New Mexico. Mom is from the East Coast and her family is European American.   We also try to spend time in Ukraine whenever we can, because it is very special to our whole family.

My family is special because we are an LGBT family, but we are also just like many families. We are the same and different all at once!

What makes your family special?


  1. I love that you are from a LGBTQ+ family

  2. my family has nothing really special about apart from the fact that I am French but attend school in Australia

  3. Good for you, Inky! Our family has many special things about it and I am proud of each of them as well.
    ~ Kiki