Birthday Giveaway Winner!

Inky's Birthday Treats

Hello everyone! This is the official Birthday Photo Contest post! Just as a reminder, the prizes the winner will receive are 5 kelp cupcakes, 1 bowl of fish biscuits, 1 octopus bread bowl dip, and a selection of veggies!

The contest is judged, which means I, Inky, will pick a winner out of all the entries.   The winner has ONE WEEK to e-mail me at with their address.  If that person does not contact me by December 11th, the second place winner will be contacted for their address.

Ready? Here are the entries!

Addy & Scarlett

Entry #1: Addy & Scarlett


Entry #2: Alex


Entry #3: Brianna


Entry #4: Candace

catalina and charlotte

Entry #5: Catalina & Charlotte


Entry #6: Chelsea


Entry #7: Hfxgirltoo

So there you have it! There are seven fantastic entries. I loved them all, but there can only be one winner. And that winner is...

Entry #6: Chelsea!

There is also one runner-up, who will receive the prize if the winner does not contact me by December 11th. The runner up is...

Entry #4: Candace!

Thank you to all who entered! I loved seeing all your kind birthday wishes. It was a treat to see your awesome photos! 


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  1. Congrats y'all!

    I'm having a giveaway here :

    Allie D.