Inky & her friend Sophie

One of the best things in life is friendship! This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with an old friend, Sophie. She came to visit me in NYC and we had a wonderful time together. In this photo, we are playing on the grass in front of the New York Public Library. Sophie and I have known each other for years now and we relished the chance to stay up late talking about our lives and dreams for the future.


I am thinking of doing a series on my blog where I introduce all my friends. Would anyone be interested in learning more about the other girls in my life?

In this entry I'm wearing: etsy Uglydoll shirt, moto pants by Royal Doll Boutique from a Liberty Jane pattern.


  1. You and Sophie look like such great friends, Inky!
    Oooh, and I'd love to see your other friends. =D

  2. I would love to see all your friends!!!
    You and Sophie look so cute together!

  3. Oh, Inky, you read my mind! I was JUST uploading my photos from our day together when I saw this post (I'm a little behind on my blog...). I'm so glad we got to spend some time together this summer. I really hope we can do it again someday! I'm surrounded by friends at school, but I dearly miss friends like you who live so faraway.

    I would love to see you introduce your other friends, too, especially the new ones I don't know so well.


  4. I would love to meet all your friends, Inky! They seem like such a unique, diverse group!

  5. I too would be interested in meeting all of your friends. :)

  6. Ella Inky!

    I would love to meet all of your friends! :) They sound like a very diverse group and it would be fun to get to know them and all their different cultures. Are you still friends with Piper? :)

    I wish that I could get to know you better. Coudl we be email pals or something possibly?


  7. Great pictures, Inky! A series where we get to meet your friends would be really fun!:)

  8. It's neat to stay in touch with old friends. Sophie came to visit us once a long time ago and it's fun to see her again. I've never been away on my own and admire the girls who do that.

    ~ hugs from Kiki

  9. Looks like you and Sophie had a wonderful time togehter. It would be great to meet your other friends. Looking forward to that!

  10. Hello, I have nominated you for an award: