World Cup 2014!

Inky's World Cup 2014!

Olé! Olé! Do you know which international sporting event is taking place this summer? It's the men's World Cup in Brazil! I prefer the women's World Cup, but this is awesome too! Do you play soccer/football? Like many kids watching the World Cup, I am thinking of learning to play. Of course, I had the same idea during the 2010 World Cup, so who knows if I'll actually do it!

Inky's World Cup 2014!

The World Cup is a very, very big deal in my neighborhood.  Since I live in New York City, there are families from all over the world.  Everyone cheers for a particular country and all the kids trade stickers in their World Cup Panani sticker books!  I was initially cheering for Russia, since I was born there.  I am also cheering for the United States and France.  Go USA! Allez les Bleus!

Inky's World Cup 2014!

Did you notice my special tee? It features Fuleco, the armadillo mascot of the World Cup.  You know what's also funny? The ball he is holding in the image on my tee looks really similar to my own soccer ball! I went down to our courtyard and practiced dribbling my ball until the super came out and told me to get off the grass!

Inky's World Cup 2014!

Hurray for the World Cup! What do you think of Fuleco? Is he a cute mascot? Are you cheering on your home country? If not, who are you cheering for?

In this entry I'm wearing: white tee with Fuleco decal, American Girl 2006 soccer outfit.


  1. Salut Inky,

    I'm so happy that France is doing so well in the World Cup this year. I am definitely rooting for them! I'm not much of a football fan, although I like it better than American football. Still, it's nice to cheer on my home country.

    I do like your new shirt! Fuleco is adorable!

    Guess what? I just got word that I get to come visit you! I'm so happy. I've been so bored lately. I need to have an adventure, and who better to spend it with than you and Violet?


    1. Hi Sophie!
      I can't believe it has been so long since I posted on my blog! I had a great time when you visited. Can you believe that was two months ago already? Whoa! It's too bad France didn't win the World Cup, but I think you and I both enjoyed watching anyway.


  2. The super sounds like a big grump. Let a girl have her fun with a soccer ball - grass is made to be played on. =)

    Your soccer outfit and ball are wonderful, Inky! Yes, I think you should learn to play soccer. It's a face-paced and very fun sport, not to mention great exercise. =)

  3. I nominated you for a award!! Check my blog!!