The Prestigious Liebster Award!

Wow! I was thrice nominated for the Liebster Award by The Adventures of Steampunk Addie, Among the Dolls, and Snister's Flock! I don't often do these awards, but since three friends nominated me, I couldn't resist! The gist of the award is that the nominators ask the nominees 11 questions.  The nomimees must answer the questions and then ask 11 more questions of 11 more friends! Wow!

Let me get down to work answering those questions! 

Let's start with Steampunk Addie's questions:

What is your favorite toy ever made? To this, I would have to say Playmobil and Sylvanian Families/ Calico Critters. It's a tie!
What is your favorite toy you ever had? My hands down ultimate favorite toy is my plush Ice Bat! I love him and he sleeps in my bed with me and goes on all my trips.
What is your favorite color? My favorite color is red, but the real truth is that I love rainbows! So if I can answer that way, rainbow is my favorite "color."
What is your favorite scent? Hmm. My favorite nature scent is jasmine blossoms and my favorite food scent is nutmeg/ beef pirozhki!
What is your favorite moving picture? My favorite movie is Spirited Away!
If you could time travel, when and where?  Oooh, good question! I would travel back to the 1960s during the Space Race.  
If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who?  I would meet my hero, Valentina Tereshkova! 
What event in history would you change, and why?  This is a really tough question.  I don't really think it's right to mess with history! 
Are you a geek, or a nerd? Hmm, I think I am a little bit geeky and nerdy, especially when it comes to loving space travel!
What would be your superpower if you could choose?  My superpower would probably be talking to animals, especially red pandas!
What would be your supername be? Why Super Inky of course!

Next, I'll tackle the questions from  Among the Dolls:

 How long have you collected AG dolls? I have collected AG dolls since 2007.  (P.S. My mama's answers to these questions would be very different than mine, but I'm answering from my perspective.)
Who was your first AG doll? My first AG was Kaya!
 How many AG dolls do you have? I have Kaya, Josefina, Ivy, and Saige!
Do you have any customs? How many? I don't!
Who's your next doll?  I don't really want any more dolls unless an awesome Girl of the Year comes out that I really want!
What's your favorite song? My favorite song? Probably the Red Cap Song sung by the Big Children's Choir. You can see a YouTube video of it at this link. 
What's your favorite book? I love to read! I love atlases and almanacs about animals especially, but lately my favorite book is the National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide USA.  I also love fiction, like the Starbuck Twins Mysteries by Kathryn Lasky! 
What's your favorite t.v. show? I don't watch a lot of TV, but I love Jeopardy Kids Week!
What's your favorite movie? My favorite movie is Spirited Away. 
What's your favorite food? My favorite foods are pirozhki, chebureki, and vareniki! Yum!
What's your favorite color? My favorite colors are red and rainbow!

Finally, I'll answer the questions from Snister's Flock:

If you could go back and live in AG time period, which one would you choose? I would choose Kaya's time period. I think I would really enjoy her lifestyle! It was difficult, but it looks so cool!
What's your favorite smell? Jasmine blossoms & nutmeg/meat pirozhki!
What's your favorite summer activity? Visiting National Parks of course! And hiking while I'm there.
What homework do you wish your dog would eat?  Probably my Russian language homework.  It can be so difficult!
How many times have you camped outside? I don't even know.  My family goes camping multiple times each summer.
If you could live in any kind of house, what would you choose (for the record, I'd live in a treehouse)? I agree, a treehouse like the one in Swiss Family Robinson would be awesome! If not that, I'd live in a big log cabin!
City or country? I love living in the city, but since I already live here, I'd like to try living in the mountains!
What magical skill do you wish you had? I wish I could talk to animals!
Where would you travel if you could go anywhere in the world, and why?  I would love to go back to Khabarovsk, Russia. I was adopted there when I was really little. I don't remember it very well at all and I would love to see where I come from! 
What would you travel by?  Mule?  Boat?  Wagon? I think I would have to travel by plane to get to Russia from New York City. Then, I would LOVE to take the Trans-Siberian Railway!
If you could jump into any painting, which one would you choose, and why?  I am not sure. I would love to be in a  Diego Rivera painting because I love the people's toes in his paintings!
Okay! Phew! I got through all the questions! I am going to tag the following people:

  1. Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis
  2. Aurora's Thoughts
  3. From Echo With Love
  4. Audra's Elements of Style
  5. Marsali N Taryn's Adventures
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  7. Lissie & Lilly
  8. Ageha & Fiend
  9. As Told By Susie
  10. Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog
  11. AND! Anyone who hasn't been tagged but would like to participate!
Here are the 11 questions to answer!
  1. What is your favorite animated movie or TV show?
  2. What is your favorite animal?
  3. Which animal are you most like?
  4. If you had the chance, would you go into space?
  5. Would you rather go on a boat trip to Alaska or the Caribbean? 
  6. What is your favorite holiday?
  7. Do you speak any other languages? Which ones?
  8. Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect?
  9. What is your favorite candy? 
  10. What do you like to drink when you are especially thirsty?
  11. What is your favorite outfit?
Okay friends! Get to work! I can't wait to see your answers!

Much Love,


  1. Hi Inky,
    We love miyazaki movies too in our house. Our friends Amaya and Yoko just saw the newest one, the wind rises at the movie theatre last week. Unfortunately that is supposed to be his last feature length movie.
    sophia and emma :) :)

  2. I tagged you!

    ~Mika :)

  3. Thank you for tagging me, Inky!

  4. Thank you for tagging me, Inky! I tagged you back (but I totally understand if you decide not to answer, since you've already answered several): And I would LOVE to take the Trans-Siberian Railroad with you! Wouldn't that be an adventure.... I'd always be imagining the music from Doctor Zhivago. :)


  5. Hey, Inky! Thanks for tagging me!