Lunar New Year: Year of the Horse!

Lunar New Year 2014: One

Hi! It's me, Inky! Today I am getting ready to celebrate Lunar New Year on January 31. This year is the Year of the Horse. It's very special because my grandfather was born in a horse year! Since I really enjoyed making Lunar New Year cards last year, I decided to make them again this year.

Lunar New Year 2014: Two

Here are the supplies you'll need to make the cards, Inky-style. You'll need a pair of scissors, a gold pencil, a red pencil, labels, red cardstock, and 1" pins. I got my pins from Wanart.

Lunar New Year 2014: Three

First you'll need to cut your red cardstock into square shapes. Mine are a little rectangular. You don't have to use rectangles/squares- you can do circles or hearts or whatever you like best!

Lunar New Year 2014: Four

Next, get out your pins! I like Joyce Wan's Wanart pins because the art is really cute, but you can use any pin. It doesn't even have to be 1 inch wide.

Lunar New Year 2014: Five

Pin your pin into your card near the top of the pin. Again, you can do it however you'd like- I like mine in the center, but off the side looks cute too!

Lunar New Year 2014: Six

Next, take your label and stick it to the bottom of your card. I like white labels because they really pop against the red background. I used Martha Stewart Home Office kitchen labels by Avery. I bought them at Staples.

Lunar New Year 2014: Seven

Next, take your gold pencil or pen and write a message on the card above the label but below the pin. I wrote "Happy Lunar New Year!"

Lunar New Year 2014: Eight

Finally, take your red pen or pencil and sign your name on the label!

Lunar New Year 2014: Nine

And you're done!

Lunar New Year 2014: Ten

Here is how the card looks up close. I think it's cute, don't you?

Lunar New Year 2014: Eleven

Then, go ahead and make as many cards as you'll need to give to your friends and family. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year!

In this entry I'm wearing: red shirt and grey pants by Liberty Jane Clothing.


  1. Aw, so adorable, Inky! I love the cards you make!
    Happy Lunar New Year!


    1. Thank you Aurora! Happy Lunar New Year to you!

  2. I love you cards Inky!! Happy Lunar New Year to you!!!

  3. Really cute cards Inky! I love the little horse!!!

  4. So cute! I will definitely have to try these!

    1. Oh you really should; making them is so much fun!


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  6. That is a very good idea, Inky! I've never thought of doing Lunar new year cards for my friends before!