Totoro Birthday Party!


Hello everyone! Today is my 11th birthday! I woke up extra early, because I was so excited to celebrate.  My parents surprised me with a balloon bouquet and we went downstairs behind our building to take a photo.  Aren't the balloons enormous and awesome? Hurrah!  After a delicious breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, we hung up paper chain and bunting in the living room and waited for my guests.  Soon they arrived (except for my new friend Chihiro, who let me know she'd be a little late.).


Soon, Piper, Coral, and Violet were around the table singing me the birthday song.  Piper had come all the way from Washington, DC to celebrate with me; I was so pleased she could make it!


As I blew out the candles, I made a secret birthday wish. I'm not going to tell you what it was- or it won't come true! My party was later in the afternoon this year, so the photos are a little dark. I hope you don't mind!


Next, it was time for a game- my mama made me a Totoro piñata! I spun around and smacked it as hard as I could, but Totoro just spun and spun in circles.


Then it was Violetka's turn! She whacked Totoro right on the head! Go Violetka!!


It was Piper's turn after Violet. Thwack! Piper hit Totoro right in the middle of his belly and he cracked a little. Luckily, Chihiro walked in just then.


Chihiro grabbed the stick, spun around three times, and hit Totoro as hard as she could!


She had hit Totoro right off the rope! Down he went and candy scattered over the floor. We all scrambled to fill our laps with it. (Don't worry, the candy was in plastic wrappers!)


After the piñata, it was time for presents! My friends had all stacked their gifts on the table and I had two presents from out-of-town friends as well.


First Coral handed me a big brown box with a blue bow. I shook it- what could be inside? Coral had told me that my present had come all the way from England!

It was the Sylvanian Families Sea Otter Family! They are so cute! I love the little shell necklace and purse! Thank you Coral!


Next, Piper gave me a Calico Critter silk cat baby and boat.  She knows I have the silk cats, but not the baby. Thank you Piper!


Chihiro brought me a kosodoro neko- a cute stuffed kitty toy from Japan! Arigato Chihiro!


Then Violet came to the table with a giant green box with a pink bow! "My dad got this for you in Japan Inky! I hope you like it!" she said.  Violet and her parents know me just as well as my own moms, so I knew it would be a great gift!


Wow!! It was a Sylvanian Familes breakfast set with the cutest little bunny waffle maker!! I love it so much- isn't it awesome?


Then Violet handed me an envelope and a blue box with a Totoro on the front! These presents were from our mutual friend, Sophie! Wow! I was so happy that Sophie had sent me a gift, even though she couldn't be there to celebrate with me and my other friends.  Thank you Sophie!


When I read the card, I smiled. Sophie always sends the sweetest messages! Then it was time to open the box. It had two smaller gifts inside. Inside the first packet was a Lisa Frank pin! I laughed and laughed- Sophie and I both love Lisa Frank and we both like to gripe over how our parents won't buy us all the Lisa Frank supplies in the world. Thank you Sophie!


The other present held an assortment of adorable little toy animals! Wow! They were so sweet and tiny! Thank you Sophie!!


Then it was time for my very last present. This was a special package that came from my friend Danica in Canada! Her bright green package was decorated with a rainbow pin- how festive!


Inside the package was a birthday card- so pretty- and a long letter that Danica had written very carefully. Wow! I tucked it away to read after my friends left.  Then, the best- a panda sketchbook!! Wow! I love it so much! Thank you Dani!! What a thoughtful gift!

Twenty one

What a great birthday! I'm glad Chihiro, Coral, Violet, and Piper were there to celebrate with me! Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes too! К сожаленью, день рожденья Только раз в году! (It's such a pity that birthdays come only once per year!)


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  2. AWESOME birthday! You are a lucky girl, Inky!

  3. Inky!

    Joyeux Anniversaire! I'm so glad that my present made it in time. Aren't the little animals cute? When I saw them, I just knew you'd appreciate them. I know how you love to collect little toys like that. I was so tickled to find the Lisa Frank pin, too; the yellow puppies are some of my favorite LF illustrations.

    Chihiro's gift to you is too cute! All of yours are nice, but I think the kitty is my favorite. What will you name him?

    What a great party! Your Totoro hat is adorable and fits the theme perfectly, as is that awesome pinãta! I wish I'd been there to celebrate with you this year - maybe I'll see you soon? I hope.


  4. Happy Birthday Inky!! Looks like you had a blast with your friends!! I love love love your hat!!

  5. Looks like you had a great time!

  6. You must have had a wonderful birthday Inky. And such great presents too. Did you put them all in your room?

  7. Happy late birthday Inky!!!
    I'm turning eleven in a few days, I can't wait!
    Unfortunately I probably won't be able to have a big birthday party though. Hopefully my big sister will be here for my next birthday.