Panda Playtime!

Inky and the Pandas

Hi everyone! I know it's been a long time since I posted. I've been busy with schoolwork and playing.  I am homeschooled, but my family is doing something new this year.  My parents signed me up for a homeschool cooperative group- I call it homeschool co-op- where I get to learn about science and math!

My favorite kind of science, at least so far, is biology.  I love learning about different animals, especially red  pandas and giant pandas! That's why I was so sad when the National Zoo's Panda Cam was down during the big government shutdown.  Luckily, my parents were right there with an answer: toy pandas! My dear friend Alaina sometimes sends me packages from Germany.  Last winter, she sent me a big package of toy pandas.  My moms made me wait for a special occasion to open it and I guess the shutdown counted, because they gave me the box!

I spent the whole evening putting together the set and playing with it. I'm so thankful Alaina sent me this wonderful panda set. Thanks Alaina!

What's your favorite animal? Have you ever seen it in a zoo or even better, the wild?

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  1. I take it this set is only available in Germany? Many oh man... I love it so much. I would love to see some of the other sets that are also available only in Germany especially if they look anything like this one. Thanks for sharing this! I remain an Inky fan.

  2. This set is really cute! I'm glad to see that someone in the doll world is mentioning the government shutdown. It's great to hear from you again - good luck with the co-op!

    By the way, was Cobie's wig used for Hanabi, or that of another Saige doll?

  3. I will never cease to be amazed at the cuteness of your extensive collection of American Girl doll sized accessories, toys, furniture, etc.! You definitely have the most covet-worthy collection I've seen so far. =D Love the panda set. <3

  4. Adorable! That set is so cute!

    I love that brand of toy.

    Have fun with the new set!


  5. My favourite animal is red squirrels. I saw them on Brownsea Island while going mushroom hunting :)

    Shame their pretty much extinct in England now because of the grey squirrels

  6. my favourite animal is a kangaroo I've seen so many in the wild but the novelty hasn't worn off yet