Blogging for LGBT Families Day: Why My Family is Special!

Proud Inky

Today is a special day- it's Blogging for LGBT Families Day! My family is special because I have two mothers- Mama and Mom! We all live together with our cats, Chaika and Nico.

Our family is special because we love to spend time together traveling, especially to National Parks.  You probably already know this, but I am a proud Junior Ranger at many different parks.  Our family is special because we speak English and Russian at home.  Our family is special because we live in New York City and love to visit all the different museums and neighborhoods here.

I'm proud to be part of an LGBT family! What makes your family special?


  1. Awesome blog post Inky! You should be proud of your family! xoxo

  2. I'm glad your proud of your family! That's pretty cool that you have two mommies. :)

  3. This relates to my situation of getting to be more closer with my parents and siblings. I am getting some peace. Wish they could mail me back.