Happy Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve! I don't usually celebrate Christmas, but since Violet is here, we absolutely had to. :) While my mom made cinnamon rolls, we got out the little Nativity. Isn't it cute? Violet told me the Christmas story while we set it up.

Christmas Eve

There is a little Mary and a little Joseph! And a very tiny Christ Child. The Nativity even has a little sheep and goat!

Christmas Eve

Christmas is fun! We're still going to open gifts on New Year, as is my family's tradition, but I'm enjoying celebrating with Violet.

Do you have a Nativity? What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

In this entry I'm wearing: green tee by Dynamite Threads


  1. Merry Christmas, Inky and Violet! I know you will have a fun day with Violet there. We do have a tiny Nativity scene that was a gift from a dolly friend. It is in Caroline's parlor which is a new gift to all of us!



    ~ Kiki

  2. Merry Christmas! I am chilling waiting for my cousin (she's coming from Hawaii!!) I loooove Christmas sooo much!

  3. Bonjour, Inky! C'est Aurélie!
    I first want to say that I love how you and Violet are wearing green and red tees. I like the festivity.
    My mother grew up in a more religious family, so my parents and I attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Sabine and Sandrine and Julien don't, though. After the service, we have a meal called Le Réveillon in honor of Christmas Eve. While my mom might be more religious, my father and I (as well as most of our guests) aren't, so our meal tends to be more secular.
    I have a nativity scene in my home. We call it la crèche. It's been passed down for generations on my mom's side of the family.
    Joyeux réveillon de Noël!

  4. Hi Inky! Hi Violet!
    I make cookies with my Mom, and sometimes I wrap gifts. This year I wrapped them all early, though. I think Christmas is a lovely and exciting time of year! I think it's great that you celebrate New Years! I love learning about different traditions and religions, it's very interesting.
    Anyway, a couple years back we read "The Nutcracker" by the fire, but we haven't since. My family isn't that religious, but we do sometimes go to Midnight Mass, it's a service at midnight. It's really exciting and fun. My bible study class all make Gingerbread houses, and we set up a manger scene. I'm excited to get going tonight.
    Happy New Year, Inky!


  5. hi inky! my name is addie! i love your room! and your blog. the little christmas scene is really cute. merry christmas and happy 2013!!!


  6. Hi Inky!
    My family has a nativity scene next to our tree. This year I also had a Playmobil advent calendar. And we always open one present on Christmas Eve.