Glittering Pumpkins!

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 1

Hello everyone! It's me, Inky!

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 2

This is my friend Meritaten (We call her Meri).

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 3

And this is my friend Coral! Today we're going to show you how to decorate pumpkins with glitter!

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 4

To begin, you're going to need some supplies. First of all, you'll need pumpkins! We bought ours at Trader Joe's, where they come in both orange and white. You'll also need glue, glitter, and a brush to apply the glue. Before you get started, put down some kraft paper on your table to catch the glitter. Ready? Let's get started!

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 5

Get out your paintbrush (a sponge brush works very well too!) and cover your pumpkin with glue. We used glittering glue, but any glue that dries clear is perfect.

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 6

Carefully cover the whole pumpkin. Any spots you miss will not have glitter on them.

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 7

Make sure you also cover the bottom!

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 8

Once your pumpkin is covered in glue you'll need to choose a glitter color. Any color will look great! Coral choose this lime green.

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 9

Shake your glitter over the pumpkin, being careful to cover every last bit. You will use a lot of glitter- don't worry! You can pour the excess back into the container when you're done.

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 10

See how Coral's pumpkin has a few spots where the glitter didn't completely cover the pumpkin? If you'd like, you can repaint these spots with glue and reglitter. Coral likes hers this way, so she's going to leave it.

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 11

You did it! You glittered a pumpkin!

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 12

I think Meri's looks especially nice- probably because she used orange glitter on an orange pumpkin, so no "mistakes" show through.

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 13

And that's how you glitter pumpkins!

Now that you're done, wipe the excess glitter from the kraft paper into your containers. Once you've done that, you can just roll up the whole kraft paper sheet and throw it away. Easy peasy!

Glittering Pumpkins 2012: 14

After that, take the time to enjoy some Halloween treats. Yum! Happy Halloween everyone! Have you ever done a Halloween or Harvest craft?

In this entry I'm wearing:  white long sleeved tee from American Girl Place, orange Jiminees tee with iron-on graphic, jeans from American Girl Place, kitty ears from 2007 Kitty Cat Costume from American Girl.


  1. Awesome!! (Ps, we're Gracie and McKenna from Facebook)

  2. Awesome! Where did you get the cookies?
    -Abby (on humans compeuter)

  3. Awesomesauce! Every year, my brother and I do the traditional pumpkin carving. This year, though, I'm going to have to try glittering a pumpkin! In past years, we've cut faces in apples and then let them sit out to dry--after a few days (or hours, or weeks, depending on the climate) they are all wrinkled, and look like little old ladies! It's pretty silly, but my brother and I always get a kick out of it. I love Halloween!

    1. That sounds awesome .. we will have to try new apple people too. That sounds really funny. Hugs, Marsali

    2. Wow, that sounds really spooky and fun! I'll have to try it next year! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Where is cora's dress from? It's gorgeous!

  5. Cool! I think I may do that (if its OK with you, of course!) I finnaly done with history (I had to reseach all about the 1850's!) My mom makes me do math, S.S, history and reading. All at home! Sounds crazy, right? And Inky, even though I cant mail you anything what do you want for your birthday? (Yes I know far in advence.) BTW Inky Im going to Utah in a week to see my best friend, Ava!

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  7. Dia duit, Inky!

    Wow, those pumpkins look amazing! I've carved pumpkins before, but I'd never heard of glittering them until now! Thank you so much for showing me how to do this. I'll definitely have to try it this year!


    P.S. Sorry that question above looks so suspicious, I made a mistake so I had to rewrite it. :)

  8. Hello Inky, I am going to have a pumpkin just like yours I think. You chose my white pumpkin and purple glitter for it. That was the perfect pick for me.

    Mama always made a white polarbear pumpkin pet when the girls carved thier pumpkins when she lived by her nieces. She has not done a carved pumpkin in forever now.

    Meri looked so pretty in her halloween outfit to do her pumpkin and the orange on orange was pretty too.

    Coral had a kewl idea with the Lime green, and I am like her that the pumpkin turned out cute just the way it is.

    Your decorations are so beautiful .. I wish we had somewhere to do the decorating like that. We try to decorate our music room. I would love to get some more candies and cookies made too. It is a delicious addition to your table.

    We send big hugs,

  9. That is a great craft. My sisters and cousins are going to give it a try. Logan and I will help them enjoy the treats.

    Thanks for giving them the idea.

    Your friend

  10. I love your glitter pumpkin craft! It turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Me, Julie and Emily made little halloween trick or treat baskets and plastacine candy. We then adapted some build a bear clothes for costumes, I'm a fairy, Emily is a witch a Julie a Ghost (that one is white tee shirt, white trousers and white shoes with a white sheet over the top. We love halloween! :D


  12. Oh, that is such a cute craft! And I love how the room is set up, too!

    I haven't really made anything lately. I'm in a crafty mood though.

  13. OH, Inky,
    I hope you are OK with that storm that came through your area. I love your crafts and Halloween set-up. I Hope you have a happy Halloween

  14. inky i heard about the storm going through NYC, and i am soo worried for you!are you and your family ok? is your power still on?