Goodbye Kharkov! Прощай Харьков!

Sooner, rather than later, it was time to leave Kharkov and go home to New York City.


I decided to go to the Taras Shevchenko Gardens for one last walk. The Shevchenko Gardens are a big park in the center of the city. (If you read my album from my last trip to Ukraine, you know that the Kharkov Zoo is inside the Shevchenko Gardens.) I stopped by the monument to Taras Shevchenko first; he was a famous poet who wrote about the Ukrainian experience. This photo is of me rubbing the Cossack's toe. Some people believe that if you rub the Cossack's toe, your wish will come true. I wished that someday soon, I would be back in Ukraine.


After my visit to the golden toe, I walked down the chestnut tree-lined path to the other side of the park. Ukraine is famous for its chestnut trees- they're called "kashtan." I love this path because there are little ice cream sellers all along it! I wanted to go to the Cascade Fountain.

Thirty five

The Cascade Fountain is like a giant staircase with water flowing down from the top. My family likes to come here for photos. I was a little sad that my Mom didn't get to come to Ukraine with me and Mama this time. I crossed my fingers and wished that next time, we would all be together in Kharkov.

Thirty four

Kharkov is a lot smaller that New York, and probably a lot less exciting. Even so, it's like home to me. I knew I'd really miss the city when I returned to NYC. It's true- now that I'm back home, I really wish I could go run around the Shevchenko Gardens or ride the funicular at Gorky Park.


Do you have a favorite city or place that makes you feel at home?


  1. More gorgeous pictures! I really hope Katia can take me there someday!

  2. Beautiful pictures! :-)

    We hope your wishes come true, and that someday your whole family will be able to go back to Ukraine together.

    The Green Girls

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  4. I think your wish that you all go back will come true someday .. i will think positivly for you ..

    Your photo's are beautiful as always and I am so happy that you got to go over there again .. we love seeing the places that you have visited ..


  5. Super cute outfit inky is wearing.

  6. Yes! I do acually, when I visit France, obviously i feel at home, sometimes, I wonder if i do belong in America, my best friend, is from the Ukraine, so i barely get to see her, that's where she feels at home, when she visited New York, it somehow remided her of home.