My New Bedroom

Inky's New Room>

Hi guys! I haven't written in my blog in ages, and here's why- I moved!  My family decided to get a new apartment that's better for our family.  We've been here a few weeks now, but I haven't been able to set up my room.  All my things were in boxes! Here's a tip if you ever move- make sure you label your boxes really well.  Otherwise, it will take you ages to find your toys.

Inky's New Room

Since I have a new bedroom, I thought I would set up my furniture differently than at our last apartment.  My bed is the one on the left.  The bed on the right side is for when I have sleepovers.  What do you think of my new room?

Someone's moving out

This is what my old room looked like after I packed up all my stuff and the movers took away the night stand. I miss it a lot, but I am excited to start life in our new neighborhood. 

What do you think is the best way to make new friends when you move?


  1. I feel sorry for you having to move .. I hate moving .. but it is fun to set up your room and do things a little different so that it seems like a whole new place.

    I love the way that you set your room up .. gives you lots of area to play on the floor and enjoy times with friends. We read that Violet is coming over to be your first guest .. that is so exciting for you .. YEAH!!

    Good luck on making friends .. just be really nice when you see people .. play outdoors a lot so you can meet friends and be yourself .. keep us posted Inky.


  2. Hey Inky,

    It's great to see you posting again! I love your new room. It may be a pain to pack and then unpack everything, but it's definitely a bit exciting moving into a new place.

    I may be in the minority here, but I actually love getting out and making new friends. I enroll myself into a new activity and then, like clockwork, I have made several new friends. Hehe, I think it's just because people like my accent. Of course, Laura finds meeting new people much more difficult, but she's much more of an introverted bookworm.

    Perhaps you and Violet can explore your new neighborhood together? Of course, you'll probably know it like the back of your hand - and have lots of new friends, too - by the time I come and visit. Still, I'm looking forward to meeting you!


  3. Inky,

    Changing things up is always fun! I love your new room, it looks great. Getting used to moving is always hard, but I agree with Sophie; maybe try a few activities to make friends. Or talk to neighbors, etc. Good luck!

  4. Inky,
    I love your new room! You have so many great toys.
    Just remember, everyone can always use a friend! Sometimes you just have to be brave and talk to someone first. Playing outside your new building or at a nearby park might help you to meet some new friends. I can't wait to see what new friends you make!

  5. Hi, Inky! Your new room is awesome and I think it would be fun to move, but also kinda scary. Just be yourself - haha - that's what Tía always says, and you will make new friends. Anyway, good luck!

    ~Kiki and the gang

  6. I think you need a new quilt for the other bed! Glad to see that the new place is working out!

    I am not great at the new friend thing, my hobbies are a bit unusual. Maybe you will make some new friends if you join a youth orchestra?

  7. I love your bedroom! looks so comfy :o)

  8. I love your new bedroom! Its so cute! Were did you get your bed, closet and bedside-table from? They are so adorable!

  9. I got my bedroom furniture from American Girl. They're from a line that came out in 2000, but the items are now retired.