Inky's Zakumi shirt

Hi everyone! Summer is getting started.  There are only two weeks left of my ballet school's winter term and then I'm free!  I'm still really enjoying getting to see the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre at least once a week.  On Monday, I'm going to see Sleeping Beauty! I'm especially excited because Gillian Murphy is dancing the part of Aurora.  She's such a beautiful ballerina. 

Inky's Zakumi shirt

I am really excited for the World Cup! Do any of you like soccer? This year, the World Cup is in South Africa.  The mascot (you can see him on my shirt) is an awesome leopard named Zakumi.  The "Za" comes from "ZA," the abbreviation for South Africa.  And "kumi" means "ten" in many African languages.

Inky's Zakumi shirt

I am cheering for the USA of course, but I am also really cheering for the Netherlands and Germany.  Here in Queens, there are lots of little shops selling jerseys for teams from all over the world.  I decided just to get a Zakumi shirt.  I usually don't play a lot of sports, because I don't want to get hurt and not be able to dance.  Still, I have a lot of fun kicking a ball around with my friends!

Inky's Zakumi shirt

Now that I won't have ballet four times a week, my family can do more fun things like go away to Cape Cod for a few days. I'm really hoping we'll go to the beach! I want to earn a few Junior Ranger badges this summer. Karma is going to Yellowstone- do you think she'll become a Junior Ranger?

And? Best of all? Violet might come to visit me in New York!


  1. You are so lucky to live where you can go to the theater and ballet and fun things like that. We hardly have a dance school let alone anything fun. Sometimes I like living in the middle of nowhere and some times it is boring ..

    We LOVE soccer, Mama's foster brothers lived in Africa while they were growing up and played soccer 'football' all the time so she got into soccer when she was little.

    That is so kewl that you were able to find the jerseys, the one you are wearing is cute. We do not have kewl shops to get jerseys or TV to watch them play out here.

    Did you visit my blog at all this last couple weeks?? I got my first official JR. Ranger badge, I did the Jr. Historian actually, they had several different levels of work, mine was harder than the other girls, but it was more fun because I had to do more than the rest of the girls did. I am hooked, I told Mama that we have to go to some more parks this summer to get more badges. LOL!!

    You are so lucky to go to Cape Cod, Mama says that is beautiful, our family used to have a homestead on Cape Cod, a house on Martha Vineard Island and settled the town of Sandwich, MA. I always wonder what the named sandwich after, because I do not think they had sandwiches back in the early 1600's

    Sorry I talked so long,

    Ta Ta,

  2. We just got a soccer ball, too, and like to kick it around. Some of Tía's friends LOVE soccer and watch it on TV, but I don't do that. She said that it is SUPER popular in Africa and has photos of kids and adults playing it everywhere, even in the rural fields and barefoot. So, it's cool the world cup is in South Africa.

  3. Cool shirt! That's great you'll have more time to do other stuff, like playing soccer for fun. My fun will involve chores...some are nice, like fishing; I love doing that! I need a pole, though. I also get to play outside and hang out with friends, so it'll be a good summer. Julie of Water St. is visiting Gabby and today she's coming to our cabin to stay over a few nights-yay!

  4. You look so nice in your soccer clothes! I like soccer well enough, but I prefer Quidditch. =)

  5. You look adorable in your Zakumi shirt and soccer clothes, Inky. We hope you had fun seeing 'Sleeping Beauty'. :)