My Ballet School

At Lincoln Center

Can you tell where I am in this photo? Probably not! I was at Lincoln Center, which is an area of New York City filled with many different theatres, the NYC Public Library for the Performing Arts, the Julliard School, and my school- the School of American Ballet.  I'm usually here about 4 times a week for my ballet classes, but now that it is May I get to come for ballet performances as well!

At Lincoln Center

For the past several years, Lincoln Center has had a lot of construction.  Here I am on the new fountain! It is automated and can do lots of different patterns with the water.  Lots of people sit around the edge of the fountain, eating lunch and taking photos.   Right now, both the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre are in season.  The day these photos were taken, I saw the New York City Ballet perform three ballets.  I got to see one of my favorite ballerinas, Sterling Hyltin, perform in Morgen.  Students at my school are very lucky, because we can go to see ballet performances at very low prices.

At Lincoln Center

See the tall white building behind me in this photo? That's the Rose Building, which houses the School of American Ballet, where I take my ballet classes. It also has dorms for the older students.  Now you know where I spend a lot of my time! I have to take two different subway lines to get to Lincoln Center.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in May.  Our family computer is not doing very well so I haven't been able to get on it to upload photos or blog.  Now that it's summer, my mom doesn't have to teach, so she'll be home more. I can use her laptop to blog, so I will be blogging more yet again.

I've missed you all!


  1. Hi Inky,

    It's great to see you posting again! :)
    I really love your outfit! You always manage to have the neatest wardrobe.

    Anyhow, I shall look forward to seeing more of your adventures,

  2. Yay, Inky! You're back! I've missed you. I thought maybe you were out and about traveling the world. Or, on the less romantic side, just busy with the end of the school year. I'm glad you'll be able to start blogging again. I think it's so cool that you know your city so well. And you certainly get out and go lots of interesting places in it.
    Glad you're back,

  3. Yeah we are glad you are back to .. we love watching you have your adventures .. Mara and I love your travels .. and we love to travel too.

    Ta Ta,

  4. Inky - I love Lincoln Center! I got a tour of it from my aunt's roommate who works there! It is so awesome!

  5. Wow, Lincoln Center looks amazing! I love the fountain. I'm sure you're great at ballet. That's nice that you got to see a few performances.
    I agree, you always have such a neat wardrobe! :)

  6. Yay for posting again! It's neat to learn more about where you take ballet classes and everything. I take lessons at the Star Valley School of Dance. I'm not the best at it but I love performing! :)

    (oh and you should add my and Kirsten's blogs to your blog friends list. Kirsten's is travelingkirsten and mine is agsusie.

  7. Inky! I've missed your blog posts!
    Your school looks like so much fun. I'm glad you get to see so many ballet performances, that's awesome!
    I really love your pants.

  8. Hi Inky! It would be so cool to study ballet at a famous school and see all the amazing performances. I bet you are a really good dancer!


  9. I absolutely LOVE that shirt. Where did you get it? It is a must have!

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    My shirt is from Miss Sissy on etsy. This is the link to her store: