Mai Handz r Bananas!

Mai Handz R Bananas

Have you ever seen the video "My Hands are Bananas?" It's so funny!I liked it so much that I dressed up with banana hands and scared Iris. Watch it below.



  1. You're such a silly girl, Inky! We also thought that video was hilarious when we saw it. Cute post! :)

  2. Dude, that is awesome! We'd so get along great, I think ;)
    -Jessica McConnell

  3. Inky, that's hilarious...that video had me literally rolling on the floor. :)

  4. That is toooooo funny! If our sisters didn't see this yet, we could put bananas on our hands and scare them! Mia and Eva

  5. Haha! That was funny! I remember seeing you with your banana hands before, but not the video!

    Hmm, I wonder how I'd look with banana hands? Of course, I don't know if I'd try it unless I knew I could scare my sister. ;)


  6. YESSSS!! This is just what I needed! My sister and I are in an on-going prank war...thank you so much! >:D -Rye