Ballet Class

My Golden Hours

It's my ballet class! I have been studying ballet since I was really little. I'm Russian- and Russians tend to love ballet! Since I moved to New York City, I've been studying at the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center. During the school year, I have ballet class on four days a week, even on Saturday mornings! I'm in Girls III- you can tell by the color of my class's leotards. I'm hoping to move up to Girls IV soon, where I'll get to wear a hunter green leotard. I'll also get to start pointe!

Inky at the barre

I practice all the time, because I have to make sure that my muscles stay strong. During the summer, I have off from ballet school, but I still try to do practice at the barre as much as possible. Luckily, Violet also take ballet classes, so when I've visited her, I haven't fallen behind.


This fall, I think I am going to audition for the Nutcracker for the first time. I've gone to see it both Christmases that we've spent in New York, so I know that it's a really big deal. If I make it, it will be a big commitment. There are rehearsals for months, plus performances several times a week for a little over a month.

Have you ever been in a performance? Were you nervous? Excited?


  1. Eva loves ballet, while Mia prefers jazz and Hip Hop. We live in a small town, so our performances are not like dancing on stage in New York! We still get nervous though. :)) Mia and Eva

  2. I'm ballet in Star Valley. It's the Star Valley Academy of Dance (it sometimes has also gone by School of Dance but Academy sounds better, don't you think?

    We don't have a bunch of leotards yet, so Melissa just pretends we have them for now ;)

    We've performed Selections from The Nutcracker for three years now. The first year was just dancing to the song but the last two years we've performed it as a condensed/little bit altered story :) It's lots of fun, even if I'm not the best dancer. Since it's a small school, I did get to be a snowflake! Felicity got to be Clara last year! And we had some of the girls of Water St. (Jenn's dolls) join us in the production :)

  3. Were do you get all the different colored leotards and tights? At my dance studio I am in level 4 of 8, I go to St. Louis Ballet School. It's a pretty big studio. Once you pass level 8 you are asked into the company, or you can go somewhere else. All our teachers have danced at famous places like New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. If I move up to level 5 I get to do pointe and get a red leotard, right now I have a royal blue one. If you go to you can find everything about it. This year in Nutcracker I was polichinelle.

  4. It is so cool that you go to school at the SAB! I am auditioning for the Kirov SI next year and hope to be asked for the year around program, but since I live in Virginia I can't go to any school in NY... :(

  5. I bought Isabelle 2014 and have a bunch of leotards now. I love her pink hair extension. I took ballet and we were allowed black and pink. I went on pointe at 13. I danced a shortened version of "Swan Lake" my favorite ballet. A different girl danced the black Swan - I was the White Swan. I love Degas and his paintings of ballerinas. They're in Izzy's bedroom, she's getting an AG custom bedroom. The bedroom for Inky is very beautiful and creative. I especially love the shelves and all the little posters and photo frames.