New Outfits

My Liberty Jane Outfits

What's up? Fall is off to a great start. My friend Sonali just got a new Liberty Jane outfit, so we decided to have a Liberty Jane day. The photo is of Sonali, Mieke, and me in our favorite Liberty Jane outfits. Cinnamon, from LJ, is actually working on a custom outfit for my friend Yeva!

Speaking of Yeva, she just got back from spending a summer at Artek. Artek is a camp in the Soviet Union for Young Pioneers. It's still around today, but it's for all children now. Here's Yeva playing at camp!

Yeva at Artek

Halloween is coming up! Are you dressing up? Who will you be?


  1. Your outfits are all awesome!

  2. Hi Inky-
    I'm totally dating myself, but when I was 10, a girl from my state went to Artek. She'd been invited by Yuri Andropov as a goodwill ambassador. Your picture made me think of her trip!

  3. A Liberty Jane Day? Sounds like such fun! Yeva's Artek uniform is beautiful.

  4. Artek sounds kewl! I love dressing up for any occasion and on Halloween I was a panda bear!