Back in Utah!

Hurrah! I arrived in Utah two days ago for a visit with my best friend Violence! I haven't seen Violence for over six months. Can you believe that? It felt like such a long time. But last year I spent my birthday with her here in Utah.

Today Violet and I have a lot planned, we want to work on some tree house ideas, have a water balloon flight and pack for our upcoming trip to Grand Canyon.

Violetka was so happy to see me, and so surprised by all the presents Colette and I got her. I'm glad she is happy.

Back in Utah! Back at Violet's house, my second home.
Inky in Utah Summer 2009

See how happy she is?
Inky in Utah Summer 2009

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  1. Violence - haha - is so cute. You're lucky to have such a special friend. I've never traveled on my own.