I'm headed home today

Today was a little bit sad because I had to say bye to my best friend Violetka. However, we still were quite busy my last week here, and Violet and I promised to visit each other soon.

Here are a few things we did over the last week-

Violetka was unaware of the reasons my family doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. As I told her more about the Pilgrims and the disease and ignorance they brought to the new world, she understood. I think she was sad, because she had some tears in her eyes and she hugged Kaya a lot.


After Thanksgiving we visited the farmhouse for the night. I can really see why Violence loves it down here, it is so peaceful. The only thing that would make it better would be if they had a Jr. Ranger program. Violet and I agree that we are the best Jr. Rangers ever.

And today I packed up my things and said goodbye and hugged Violence. I'm headed home!

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