It's my Birthday!

Today I woke up and finally became eleven years old! Hurrah! I am so excited! Plus, DyaDya Ethan and Tyotya Jess had a special birthday surprise; they booked a hotel room at Snowbird Cliff Lodge (at a very famous Utah ski resort)so we could spend my birthday weekend in the Utah mountains. Holy hotdogs I'm lucky!

Right when I woke up Violetka pulled out all of my presents, and there was a huge pile! It is so fun opening birthday presents first thing in the morning. And guess what else? We ate birthday cake for breakfast!

After birthday cake and lots of awesome presents we went to the Cliff Spa, where we relaxed and swam in the rooftop pool. I've never been to a spa before, but now that I'll eleven, I'm old enough. And, when you are swimming, you have a perfect view of Snowbird ski resort.

Relaxing in the Solarium-

And swimming in the rooftop pool!

After our very busy morning we went on a hike. It was warm enough that we didn't need coats, but we still needed our snow boots because there is already snow here. What a great birthday!
Tonight we are going to make spaghetti and watch old Cheburashka videos. Sounds perfect.

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